• An organization devoted to fostering the community of influencers around Asia, and spreading inspiring insights in the form of short talks, seminars and events.

    Influencer Insider

  • Our Mission

    We aim to create a community for influencers who brings impact to the world through internet and social media.

    Who are Influencers?

    From our definition

    Influencers can be anyone who are active on social media as a public figure, who share contents with passion that influence how people think, behave and spend.

  • Our Chapter

    Our team is expanding around the Asia regions!

    HK Chapter

    Based in Hong Kong

    We start from here and we decide the spread the influence to other regions.

    Asia Chapter

    Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Asia chapter aims to empower more influencers around the region to share their inspiring story to more people.

  • Latest Event

    First Event of Influencer Insider Asia in Kuala Lumpur!

    This Event is by Invitation Only

    If you are interested, please send an inbox message to the community Facebook page for details.

  • Event Speakers

    How Influencers Transformed Marketing In The Beauty Industry

    Vanessa Tevi

    Miss Universe Malaysia 2015

    Marion St Joan

    Entrepreneur/ Beauty Blogger

    Ruby Lai

    Emcee/ Lifestyle Blogger

  • Asia Event #1

    Topic: How Influencers Transformed Marketing In The Beauty Industry
    Date: 31-07-2018 (Tue)
    Highlight: Revealing how influencer and beauty brands work together to influence fans on social media with personalized content and trusted recommendation

    HK Event #1

    Topic: How Influencer Becomes A New Profession
    Date: 29-11-2016 (Tue)
    - Stone Ip: From blogging to e-commerce
    - Connie Wong: From a news anchor to travel blogger

    HK Event #2

    Topic: Content Tactics & Growth Strategies
    Date: 19-01-2017 (Thu)
    - How to grow audiences for a brand page

    - Types of content to drive engagement

    - Key takeaways to page admin

    HK Event #3

    Topic: How To Define Fashion Influencer?
    Date: 05-04-2017 (Wed)
    - Key elements of being a fashion blogger

    - How fashion brands leverage the fashion influencers

  • Previous Speakers

    Stone Ip

    Founder of HisTrend.hk /

    Tech Blogger

    Wong Wing

    Founder of IMAKEUP /

    Makeup Artist

    Connie Wong

    Celebrity Host

    Ryan Lau 柳俊江


    Deric Wong

    100毛 封面攝影師

    HoYin 張浩然

    Riotly Social創辦人

    Leung Man Lai

    Radio DJ

    Char1es Lam

    Style Blogger/ Columnist

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    PUC Berhad


    WebTV Asia

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